Krav Origin.

Imi Lichtenfeld – Founder of Krav Maga

The founder of the system – Imi Lichtenfeld was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1910. His family moved to Bratislava, Slovakia, where Imi grew up. His father, Samuel Lichtenfeld, had experience boxing and wrestling. Samuel Lichtenfeld was a police detective and held the leading record of arrests as well as serving as the police force’s self-defense instructor.


Imi Lichtenfeld and his leading instructors went about expanding Krav Maga to other free countries. In the late 1970’s, Imi and his instructors travelled to the U.S. to do Krav Maga demonstrations for Jewish community groups. Krav Maga was recognized by prominent members of the American Jewish community as a great vehicle for developing young people as well as connecting with brothers and sisters in Israel.

  • Founder - Imi Lichtenfeld

    Born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1910

  • Krav Maga

    Originally referred to as Kapap – the Hebrew acronym for “krav panim el panim,” which means face-to-face combat.

  • Official training system of The Israel Defense Force

    Imi Lichtenfeld was assigned as Chief Commander of the IDF’s hand-to-hand combat and physical fitness division

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