Krav Future.

Warrior Defence Lab – The Evolution of Krav

Defence Lab can simply be defined as ‘ A Way of Thinking’ – it is a Lifestyle Approach System, that can help anybody.

The core concept is to get you thinking again, through the use of online training utilizing situation awareness Enabling you to be aware of your environment and what we can do in those situations.

Warrior Defence Lab inspires people in this way to ‘Get you thinking’

Its design as a methodology that can help anybody learning/teaching Krav Maga or Self Defence and Tradaitional Martials Arts.  Enables individuals/Instructors to understand the real truth about Self Defence.

  • Krav Maga - Evolved

    Warrior Defence Lab evolves Krav by getting you thinking again.

  • Master Clark

    One of the greatest Martial Art Business Pioneers

  • Andy Norman

    Develops training methodologies that greatly enhance the ability to deal with and understand the ‘Chaos Code’

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