So here I was a few weeks ago at the Defence Lab Instructor training weekend when I saw a guy training. His movement looked really sharp, shifting shapes like a true veteran but his face didn’t look very familiar to me and I wondered why I hadn’t seen him before?

I got asking some of the team how long he had been training to which they replied “2 Months!”

This is not uncommon with Defence Lab students; I  have seen it time and time again. People are moving through the various ranges with real style after just a few hours. But how does a Defence Lab Student develop these skills faster than the average martial art? What makes them different?

If you have ever met Andy Norman the founder of Defence Lab, you will understand why so many people follow him. He is the real deal when it comes to martial arts, but some would say that his real genius is that he is able to create training programmes that take people from zero experience and give them exceptional self-defence skills in the shortest time possible and then the training just grows and grows. It is these results that are keeping DL students coming back for more.

When people pay money for a service, they expect results and when it comes to DL people don’t just see the results they feel them. The training programmes created by Andy and his team have been forged with many hours of training often in the middle of the night with Paul Strauther and Grek and the rest of Team Storm. It is this refining and experimentation that has created the DL training programme that exists and expands across the Labs today.

There is a mistaken belief that it takes a life time to develop skill.  People such as  Tim Ferriss have turned this idea on its head. It is through optimised training programmes that skill can be acquired quickly through regular practise. We have seen people with no experience in martial arts look amazing after months of training, and after a few years? Well lets just say that we have seen a few jaws drop when they start to shape-shift and go through the gears

However even if you are already a DL student you can still make huge gains in your training on top of our optimised training routines. How? By keeping a training journal.

Your training journal or diary really can make a difference in how you process the training you have received in class. I have done this personally for years no matter what system I have trained in.

Our advice is for you to go out and get yourself a notebook. This book is your own personal interpretation and is for your eyes only. Fill it in after class and with as much detail you can recall about the drills you did, the techniques you worked on and how you felt.

Then during your off days, you can refer to this training diary to do some home practise if you want to. Before your next class, you can look at your diary and your mind is refreshed and is ready for training. This soon compounds over time and before you know it your skills are soon improving at super speed.

Defence Lab uses some cutting edge training tools. From our regular instructor weekends where we deliver training to ensure we maintain and improve our standards to our on line university (which is out soon) and of course our on line DNA Pack, which you can purchase on line today. Quality runs through everything we do. Take a look at the youtube video below to see action from one of our instructor events.

So if you are thinking of coming to a DL class, you will be amazed how quickly your skills progress, and for those already training and looking to advance even more quickly then use a training diary and also consider the on line material we supply.

However ultimately a lot comes down to having the right attitude, one that makes you open to learning and one that I’m glad to say is embedded in DL training from the outset.